CocoaPlanet Now Serving Wine!

CocoaPlanet Wine & Chocolate PairingsFrom Sonoma Index-Tribune

With lots of additions to its modern French gluten-free menu, CocoaPlanet just started serving French aperitifs and carefully selected local wines. They also offer wine and chocolate pairings with flights of each.

Additions include porcini mushroom soup with leeks, Yukon Gold potatoes and celery served with cheese gougères, chicken Caesar salad, and an authentic French Dip sandwich using Black Angus prime rib on a gluten-free baguette served with French potato salad, a cup of classic au jus for dipping and a small dish of horseradish. Now you can order the grilled cheese sandwich with sharp cheddar or French Gruyère cheese with tomato on request, served with green salad, and the Croque Monsieur with Parisian ham, gruyere cheese or add a poached egg for a Croque Madame, also served with green salad … full article