Pearls of Flavor™ Are Patented!

CocoaPlanet Pearls of FlavorCocoaPlanet's innovative "Pearls of Flavor" have received patent protection in the United States. On May 17, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) issued Patent #9,339,048 to CocoaPlanet, Inc. The patent protects the method of manufacture used to distribute tiny drops of filling – or "Pearls of Flavor" – throughout our chocolate discs.

Why does this matter? Pearls of Flavor let you taste our exquisitely flavored fillings throughout your palate, complementing but not dominating our premium dark chocolate. The fillings make up only 15% of each delicious chocolate, far less than the 50-80% of conventional filled chocolate confections. So Pearls of Flavor give you More Taste, Less Sugar™!

In awarding this patent, the USPTO recognizes that Pearls of Flavor are created in a unique and innovative manner. CocoaPlanet patents are also pending in several other countries around the world.